Juvenile Justice Project

Yfoundations has initiated an important piece of research, the scope of which is two-fold. Firstly, to better understand the practical difficulties of section 28 (the residential requirement) of the Bail Act and how we might best address those issues. Secondly, to establish what current housing pathways exist for young homeless people exiting detention and how they might be strengthened to more effectively meet the needs of young people experiencing homelessness. Our shared goal is that no young person remain in detention simply because they are homeless.

As part of this we have run statewide consultations with: caseworkers at specialist homelessness services; solicitors working at Legal Aid and Aboriginal Legal Service; the President of the NSW Children’s Court and Specialist Children’s Magistrates; and staff working for JJ at detention centres and community offices.

For more information on the Juvenile Justice Project please contact Dr Elizabeth Watt – 02 8306 7916 – elizabeth@yfoundations.org.au

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