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Yfoundations runs projects throughout the year to provide opportunities and support for young people, youth workers, and the sector to get involved and participate. Through workshops and trainings, Yfoundations is able to better engage with the community. Please find our current projects below:

Real Estate Training

Yfoundations, with the support of the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW) and Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), has developed the Foot in the Door; community training for property managers. This program is designed to equip private real estate agents with the information and skills to better understand vulnerable tenant groups to increase the likelihood of accessing and sustaining tenancies and working collaboratively with SHS and Community services.

Stay tuned for our 2021 dates!

Training and Information for Property Managers
Do you currently have tenants in distress?

Are you looking for innovative avenues to source new and well-qualified tenants?

Foot In The Door is a free online information session for all Property Managers and Real Estate professionals who want to keep up-to-date on:

  • Not-for-profit in your area that can assist existing tenants that may be facing challenges
  • Connecting with sources of qualified new tenants
  • Tips to sustain positive tenancies during challenging times through
    understanding a trauma-informed approach to property management
  • Additional government subsidies and supports available for private

Awareness and informed response to current social issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, and mental health has never been so important for the property industry than they are right now!

Training and Information for SHS and Community workers
Yfoundations, with the support of DCJ (Department of Communities and Justice), has recognised the need to better support the sector in working across the areas of private Real Estate engagement.

Are you a caseworker wanting to understand how you can improve Real Estate engagement within your service?
We are taking expressions of interest from both individual workers and services who are interested in learning more about how implementing Foot in the Door could work in your local area.
For more information on the Foot in the Door program please contact Lauren Brown –  02 8306 7906  –

To learn more about the work that has been implemented under the Foot in the Door program and an overview of program outcomes, please find the full evaluation report here.

Property Managers – click the video links below to understand more about how working with services can support your tenants, and the positive impact you can have on a vulnerable young person today.

Juvenile Justice Project

Yfoundations has initiated an important piece of research, the scope of which is two-fold. Firstly, to better understand the practical difficulties of section 28 (the residential requirement) of the Bail Act and how we might best address those issues. Secondly, to establish what current housing pathways exist for young homeless people exiting detention and how they might be strengthened to more effectively meet the needs of young people experiencing homelessness. Our shared goal is that no young person remain in detention simply because they are homeless.

As part of this we have run statewide consultations with: caseworkers at specialist homelessness services; solicitors working at Legal Aid and Aboriginal Legal Service; the President of the NSW Children’s Court and Specialist Children’s Magistrates; and staff working for JJ at detention centres and community offices.

For more information on the Juvenile Justice Project please contact Dr Elizabeth Watt – 02 8306 7916 –

Because You Care

For some time, the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people in the Out of Home Care (OOHC) sector have been overlooked and not addressed due to complexities that can arise when discussing sexual health with youth who may have experiences of trauma.

In partnership with NSW Health, Yfoundations is proud to deliver a new FREE online training module, targeting foster carers, those working in the OOHC sector, and those with interest in trauma informed sexual health conversations. The development of “Because you care: fostering conversations about sexual and reproductive health” involved extensive consultation with key agencies in both the trauma and out of home care sectors.

Click here to try out our new and FREE training.

Sticky Stuff

Sticky Stuff is a one-day training that aims to increase the confidence, knowledge and skill of those who work with young people on the topic of sexual health.

Through a series of activities, participants will develop a better understanding of the multiple issues experienced by young people. They will develop skills and plan actions that will make their service more engaging for young people.

The training includes

-Games, tools & Resources
-Up-to-date information
-Local info on testing & treatment
-tips for program development
-and more…

Sticky Stuff is a collaboration between Yfoundations, NSW Health’s STI Programs Unit and and NSW Health HARP Health Promotion. Sticky Stuff is delivered in 30 locations across NSW annually.

Due to the effects of Covid-19 on the community Sticky Stuff face-to-face training is currently unavailable.  Alternatively, we have created a Sticky Stuff online webinar, so you will always feel confident in speaking with young people around the topic of sexual health. 
For further details please reach out to

Sticky Stuff Online

Sticky Stuff Online is an engaging and interactive adaption of the popular Sticky Stuff training. The training provides youth workers with tools, valuable tips and activities to support young people around their sexual health.

The online training is funded and developed in collaboration with NSW Department of Health.

Due to high demand of the Stick Stuff face-to-face training we decided to develop an online training version that allows those who are time poor or in remote locations to participate in this valuable sexual health training.

Sticky Stuff Online provides the opportunity for all youth workers across the state to take the training from any location and at their own convenience.

You can even take the online training as a refresher to brush up on your sexual health skills if you have already attended the face-to-face training.

Hear from a previous face-to-face training participant from Western Sydney:

           “The best aspect of the training was the mix between the information and activities, it gave me an opportunity to process and enjoy the learning. Excellent range of resources to use in practice!”

To access the training, simply click on the link below, create your own account in the Yfoundations’ Learning Management System (LMS), follow the steps in the welcome email after creating an account, and then simply enrol yourself into our Sticky Stuff Online training!!

Sticky Stuff Online

Feel free to contact the Health Team if you have any questions or concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this training for?

Sticky Stuff Online is suitable for anyone who is working with young people and looking for tools, tips and activities for engaging young people around the topic of sexual health.

How much does the training cost?

Sticky Stuff Online is completely free to access.

How long does the training take?

The online training takes approximately an hour.

Can I take the training when it suits me?

Yes, this training is completely self-paced and you can save your progress and resume at any point.

How do I get access to the training?

To access the training simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on the training link of Sticky Stuff Online in our website, which will take you to the Yfoundations LMS login page
  • Create your own account and save the login details
  • Once an account is created, you will receive a welcome email
  • Confirm your new account through the email which then will take you to Yfoundations LMS
  • Click ‘Continue’ which will direct you to the Home Page
  • Go to ‘Catalogue’ from the blue bar
  • Click ‘Enter Course’
  • Enrol yourself by clicking ‘Enrol me’ button
  • Take the training!

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the training, which will be emailed to you. You can also download your certificate.

Work with us towards a society where all young people are valued, engaged and supported.