Because You Care

The sexual and reproductive health needs of young people in the Out of Home Care (OOHC) sector have been overlooked and not addressed. This is due to complexities that can arise when discussing sexual health with youth who may have experiences of trauma.

In partnership with NSW Health, we are proud to deliver free online training. This training is for foster carers, those working in the OOHC sector, and those with an interest in trauma-informed sexual health conversations. Because You Care was developed with extensive consultation of key agencies in both the trauma and OOHC sectors.

Because You Care Training

Feel free to contact the Health Team if you have any questions or concerns.

Sticky Stuff

Sticky Stuff training increases the confidence, knowledge and skills of anyone working with young people around the topic of sexual health.

Participants develop a greater understanding of the barriers young people experience and learn how to assist them to overcome these. This is done through a series of activities and discussions. Participants will develop new skills and finds ways to engage young people in these important conversations. And we also explore additional areas such as STI testing: where, when and how, consent and the law, and where to find amazing resources.

Sticky Stuff is free and available in a 2-hour webinar format and face to face training (COVID-19 restrictions dependent).

Sticky Stuff is a collaboration between Yfoundations and NSW Health and is delivered state-wide across NSW.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please reach out to the Health team via email at

Sticky Stuff Online

Sticky Stuff Online is a free, engaging and interactive adaption of the popular Sticky Stuff training. The training provides youth workers with tools, valuable tips and activities to support young people around their sexual health. The online training is funded and developed in collaboration with NSW Health.

Due to the popularity of Sticky Stuff training, we developed online modules that allow everyone to participate. Sticky Stuff Online provides the opportunity for all workers in a youth facing position across the state to attend remotely.

Participants can even take the online training as a refresher. If you have already attended a Sticky Stuff webinar or face to face training session, this training is perfect to brush up on your skills.

To access the training, simply click on the link below, create an account, follow the steps in the welcome email, and then simply immerse yourself in our Sticky Stuff Online training!

Sticky Stuff Online Training

Feel free to contact the Health Team if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?

Sticky Stuff Online is suitable for anyone working with young people and looking for tools, tips and activities for engaging young people around the topic of sexual health.

How long does the training take?

The online training takes approximately an hour.

Can I take the training when it suits me?

Yes, this training is completely self-paced, and you can save your progress and resume at any point.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the training, which will be emailed to you.

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