Foot in the Door

Foot in the Door is a collaboration between Yfoundations (the NSW Peak Body for Youth Homelessness) and The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales Limited (REINSW), with support from the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

Foot in the Door is a professional development, training, and information program designed to connect the private real estate industry, with youth and specialist homelessness services (SHS).

By sharing knowledge, skills, and resources the program aims to increase access and sustainability of private rentals, for vulnerable client groups, especially young people.

This program is designed to equip property managers with the information and skills to better understand vulnerable tenant groups to increase the likelihood of accessing and sustaining tenancies and working collaboratively with SHS and community services.

Training and information for property managers:

Foot in the Door is a training for all property managers who want to:

  • understand more about community services that can assist existing tenants that may be facing challenges
  • connect with qualified new and already supported tenants
  • tips to sustain positive tenancies through understanding a trauma informed approach to property management
  • government subsidies and supports available for some private renters

An informed and skilled response to social issues such as homelessness, domestic violence and mental health is now imperative for the property industry.

Training and information for community workers

We are taking expressions of interest from both individual workers and services who are interested in learning more about how implementing Foot in the Door could work in your local area.

For more information on the Foot in the Door program please contact our team – 02 8306

To learn more about the work that has been implemented under the Foot in the Door program and an overview of program outcomes, please find the full evaluation report here.

To understand more about how working with services can support your tenants, and the positive impact you can have on a vulnerable young person today, watch the videos below.

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