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CREATE Foundation - National Youth Advisory Council

Sector News, 24 August 2011- Did you know that in May this year 23 Youth Delegates from all states and territories convened at the 2011 National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC) Summit to discuss leaving care issues? The NYAC was formed by CREATE Foundation in 2009 to give young people with a care experience a stronger voice at a national level. 

This year Youth Delegates contributed ideas for change from their state or territory via workshops, action planning sessions and a stakeholder forum. These ideas were formed into an action plan focussing on:

  • Transition from care planning
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Health and wellbeing

The action plan, outlined in the NYAC Report and DVD (<- linked here), contains simple and focussed objectives for nationally consistent and state-specific initiatives that are guided by the perspectives of young people in care.  With these perspectives as a guide CREATE is committed to achieving change.  

You can assist CREATE to make these new ideas for supporting young people a reality by sharing the NYAC Report and DVD within your organisation, supporting the action plan, implementing points outlined in the ‘Call to Action’ and making yourself available for discussions with Youth Delegates and CREATE staff.  
In the coming months CREATE staff and NYAC Youth Delegates will be working to progress the NYAC action plan in every state and territory and may be in contact shortly to discuss actions specific to your state. Alternatively, you can contact CREATE directly in your state on 1800 655 105.  National inquiries can be directed to Michael Stuer (Programs and Training Coordinator) on 07 3255 3145 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .