History of NYCH

When was NYCH formed?

Established in 1982, the National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH) is one of three founding members of Homelessness Australia (HA).

Every year NYCH has been the driving force behind YHMD campaign since 1982.

Why was NYCH formed?

NYCH was formed to end youth homelessness and create youth housing solutions. The NYCH Constitution outlines the objects of the Coalition as¹:

  • To provide a national forum for non-government organisations concerned with the provision of, co-ordination of, and activities related to youth housing at State and Territory levels,
  • To make representation to, and where appropriate, co-operate with governments and other relevant organisations at Local, State, Federal and International levels in the pursuit of these objects,
  • To co-ordinate action around the issues of youth and housing, and other related issues;
  • To undertake research related to youth housing; and
  • To facilitate the development of a national youth housing policy.

What did NYCH believe in?

NYCH has a long history of supporting human rights NYCH has a Charter of Rights, developed in 1995, that has been used a foundation to the organisation and guides the development of NYCH policy.

Who was NYCH?

NYCH represents the eight State/Territory youth housing and homelessness sectors through its delegates to the national board. These delegates are:

  • New South Wales: Yfoundations
  • Victoria: Council to Homeless Persons
  • South Australia: Centacare
  • Tasmania: Youth Network of Tasmania
  • ACT: Youth Coalition of the ACT
  • Northern Territory: Anglicare NT
  • Western Australia: Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia
  • Queensland: Brisbane Youth Service

NYCH Today

In 2021 NYCH volunteer Board Members decided it was time to wide up NYCH as an entity and hand over Youth Homelessness Matters Day to Yfoundations.

For many years the Board had continued to meet and help run the national campaign with no funding.

NYCH would like to acknowledge its past and present Board members, for their time, passion, and expertise throughout the years of NYCH operating. Without you, NYCH would have never been possible.

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