Creating a future without youth homelessness
Going Home Staying Home Reform

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) has implemented a major reform for Specialist Homelessness Services, (SHS), called Going Home Staying Home (GHSH).

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The role of Yfoundations

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The reform package, announced by the Hon Pru Goward MP in July 2012, has a two year horizon with expectations by the NSW Government that new and revised service delivery has been rolled out from June 2014.


The reforms aim to:

  • Increase the focus on prevention and early intervention and make services easier for clients to access.
  • Review the allocation of resources to ensure they are based on need and develop the sector and its workforce to strengthen the quality of services.


A key element of the package is the development of a new SHS service delivery framework. 

The SHS framework requires service providers to work within one or any of four defined service responses centred on the client, these being:

  • Prevention and early intervention,
  • Rapid rehousing
  • Crisis response
  • Intensive responses for complex needs clients.

The role of Yfoundations

This reform affects many of our members and young people.

Yfoundations represents the interests of its members by participating in the GHSH Sector Reference Group and in other various groups with other peak bodies and by making representations to FACS as the opportunity arises, and at the request of our Board.  

More information about the reforms is available on the Housing NSW website

Key contacts

If you would like to know more about the reforms please do not hesitate to contact Yfondations or the GHSH team:

Kiera Tallon

Senior Project Officer of Yfoundations

0418 406 785 

The Going Home Staying Home Reform Team

02 8753 9215