Creating a future without youth homelessness
Who We Are

who we are

 Yfoundations is a peak organisation which has been working in the community since it was founded as the “Youth Refuge Action Group” in 1979. We believe that all children and young people in Australia should have strong foundations in order to thrive, prosper and contribute to our society.

We represent the concerns of vulnerable young people who need support with their foundations and who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. We call for a strong and appropriately resourced youth specialist sector to be able to support these children and young people.

Yfoundations has identified Safety and Stability, Home and Place, Health and Wellness, Connections and Education and Employment as vital to the growth and development of all young people. Each foundation represents an important component of a young person’s developmental process.

Safety and Stability is the initial foundation pursued.  From this place of stability, subsequent foundations, in the order listed above, may then be attained. Although we suggest that the framework for cultivating Youth Wellbeing follows this distinct pathway, it also highlights the importance of tackling youth development holistically. The foundations work across systems and are interrelated.

Yfoundations believes that with access to mechanisms that support the development and attainment of each foundation, a young person is more likely to enter adulthood with the skills, interests, competencies and healthy behaviours necessary to realise, and attain their full potential, and build a productive and bright future.

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